Where to Buy CBD Oil in the UK

Hey everyone, Just a quick post on where the best place to buy CBD products in the UK. And that place is Hempanion. There are more and more brands out there each claiming to be the best, and some of them are great. But, there are also lots of reports of dodgy CBD products around […]

Green Crack Feminised Seeds - Humboldt Seeds

Green Crack Strain Guide

Originally Cush, Green Crack supposedly found its name when rapper Snoop Dogg tried it and was taken back by the Sativa high it delivered, also by the people who kept going back for more and just couldn’t get enough. Green Crack comes in two forms, one of which is the favored Sativa dominant variety with […]

OG Kush Strain Review Seed The Weed

OG Kush Strain Guide

OG Kush is a very well known staple strain renowned for its uplifting buzz and heady high. First coming to light in the early 90’s OG Kush has continued growing in popularity to this day. Known and loved by people across the globe, where the famous strains name originated from is still a bit of […]

Berries & Cheese Feminised Seeds - Sumo Seeds

UK Cheese Strain Guide

Born and bred in the South of England UK Cheese is an infamous hybrid strain, originating in the early 90’s from a single pack of Skunk#1 seeds from Sensi Seeds when a noticeably different smell of musty cheese came from one of the plants. UK Cheese passed between hands and was brought to people by […]